Class GeodeticAuthorityFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
Authority­Factory, Factory
Direct Known Subclasses:
Common­Authority­Factory, Concurrent­Authority­Factory, EPSGData­Access, Multi­Authorities­Factory, WKTDictionary

public abstract class GeodeticAuthorityFactory extends AbstractFactory implements AuthorityFactory
Creates geodetic objects from codes defined by an authority. An authority is an organization that maintains definitions of authority codes. An authority code is a compact string defined by an authority to reference a particular spatial reference object. A frequently used set of authority codes is the EPSG geodetic dataset, a database of coordinate systems and other spatial referencing objects where each object has a code number ID.
Example: the EPSG code for a World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS84) coordinate reference system with latitude and longitude axes is "4326".

This class defines a default implementation for most methods defined in the Datum­Authority­Factory, CSAuthority­Factory and CRSAuthority­Factory interfaces. However, those interfaces do not appear in the implements clause of this class declaration. This is up to subclasses to decide which interfaces they declare to implement.

The default implementation for all create­Foo(String) methods ultimately invokes create­Object(String), which may be the only method that a subclass need to override. However, other methods may be overridden as well for better performances.