Package org.apache.sis.util.collection

package org.apache.sis.util.collection
Addition to the collection framework. Most classes in this package implement interfaces from the Java Collection Framework defined in the java​.util package.
  • Weak­Hash­Set provides a way to ensure that a factory returns unique instances for all values that are equal in the sense of Objects​.deep­Equals(Object, Object). The values that were created in previous factory operations are retained by weak references for reuse.
  • Cache and Weak­Value­Hash­Map are java​.util​.Map implementations that may be used for some caching or pseudo-caching functionalities. The Cache implementation is the most full-featured one and supports concurrency, while the other implementations are more lightweight, sometimes thread-safe but without concurrency support.
  • Derived Map and derived Set are wrapper collections in which the keys or the values are derived on-the-fly from the content of another collection. The can also be used for creating filtered views.
  • Integer­List, Code­List­Set and Range­Set are collections specialized for a particular kind of content, providing more efficient storage than what we would get with the general-purpose collection implementations.
  • Frequency­Sorted­Set provides specialized ways to organize its elements.