SIS 1.3 Release notes

This release contains an upgrade of the org.apache.sis.metadata.iso.quality package to the ISO 19157:2013 international standard. This release also contains various bug fixes improving the stability.

Incompatible changes

The following changes in Apache SIS 1.3 are incompatibles with the previous release (SIS 1.2):

  • In the org.apache.sis.coverage.grid package, the GridEvaluator class has been replaced by the GridCoverage.Evaluator interface.
  • In the package, the ValuesUnderCursor.evaluate(DirectPosition) method has been replaced by evaluateLater(DirectPosition) for computing values in a background thread.

Noticeable changes

New Features

  • [SIS-394] — Implement data quality (ISO 19157) in metadata package
  • [SIS-558] — Allow instantiation of temporal CRS by identifiers
  • [SIS-342] — Support temporal CRS in URL
  • [SIS-550] — Give estimation of MathTransform domain
  • [SIS-553] — Add “Pseudo sinusoidal equal area” projection
  • [SIS-258] — Geocentric/topocentric conversions (EPSG:9836)
  • [SIS-259] — Geographic/topocentric conversions (EPSG:9837)
  • [SIS-559] — Allow aggregation of coverages in a data cube
  • [SIS-549] — Add notification when a data store is closed


  • [SIS-547] — Mercator projection should wraparound longitude values
  • [SIS-411] — GPX data store should implement WritableFeatureSet
  • [SIS-419] — Implement (un)marshalling of gco:Record
  • [SIS-552] — Better identification of latitude/longitude axes in netCDF

Bug fixes

  • [SIS-555] — Some isolines are missing
  • [SIS-551] — GeoTIFF uncompression bug fixes
  • [SIS-548] — Unexpected wraparound during intersection of grid geometries
  • [SIS-556] — Memory leak in tile cache


  • [SIS-546] — Remove LoggerFactory
  • [SIS-554] — Replace GridEvaluator by an interface
  • [SIS-398] — MI_PolarizationOrientationCode as an alias of MI_PolarisationOrientationCode