Class Static

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Affine­Transforms2D, Argument­Checks, Arrays­Ext, Characters, Char­Sequences, Citations, Classes, Containers, Coordinate­Systems, CRS, Data­Stores, Decimal­Functions, Envelopes, Exceptions, Extents, Feature­Operations, Features, French­Profile, Identified­Objects, IO, Japanese­Profile, Locales, Logging, Math­Functions, Math­Transforms, Matrices, Names, Namespaces, Numbers, Object­Converters, Pixel­Translation, Quantities, Shapes2D, String­Builders, Tree­Tables, Types, Units, Utilities, XML

public class Static extends Object
Parent of SIS classes that contain only static utility methods. This parent class is used for documentation purpose only. The list below summarizes some of the utility classes:
Static utility classes (non exhaustive list)
OGC/ISO objects (metadata, referencing, geometries)
Citations Predefined Citation and methods for comparing against titles or identifiers.
CoordinateSystems Parses axis names and creates transforms between Coordinate­System instances.
CRS Instantiates or provides information about Coordinate­Reference­System.
Envelopes Parse, format and transform Envelope objects.
Extents Extract information from Extent objects.
IdentifiedObjects Handle names, identifiers or properties of Identified­Object instances.
Names Simple creation and operations on Generic­Name objects.
Parameters Creates, searches or modifies Parameter­Value instances in a group of parameters.
Types UML identifier and description for GeoAPI types.
Mathematics and units of measurement
DecimalFunctions Mathematical methods related to base 10 representation of numbers.
MathFunctions Additions to the Math methods.
Matrices Create and compare Matrix objects
Quantities Operations on quantities (values with units of measurement).
Units Get a unit from a symbol or EPSG code, and test if a unit is angular, linear or temporal.
Input / Output (including CRS, XML, images)
DataStores Read or write geospatial data in various backends.
IO Methods working on Appendable instances.
Namespaces String constants for commonly used namespaces.
XML Marshal or unmarshal ISO 19115 objects.
Miscellaneous utilities
ArraysExt Additions to the JDK Arrays methods (include insert or remove of elements in the middle of arrays).
Characters Find subscript and superscript digit characters.
CharSequences Methods working on Char­Sequence or String instances.
Classes Methods working with Class instances.
Containers Additions to the JDK Collections methods, also related to the Checked­Container interface.
Numbers Methods working with Number instances (include conversions between different types).
ObjectConverters Create Object­Converter instances, or collection views using object converters.
StringBuilders Methods modifying String­Builder content in-place.
Loggings and exceptions
ArgumentChecks Perform argument checks and throw Illegal­Argument­Exception if needed.
Exceptions Format a stack trace summary or change the exception message.
Logging Get a JDK logger, which may be a wrapper around the Apache Commons Logging or Log4J framework.
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